A few years ago I visited Bodie ghost town. Bodie has been preserved by the state of California as Bodie State Historic Park.

Bodie State Historic Park is a genuine California gold-mining ghost town. Bodie is one of the largest and best preserved ghost towns in the West with over 170 buildings still remaining and accessible to visitors. Bodie is a photographer’s paradise, if you are looking to capturing an image with that “antique – worn” look .

At the time of I was not familiar with HDR photography. Consequently, I did not capture multiple exposures which could be used for true HDR processing. Then to make processing more difficult, I had also captured the images as jpgs and not RAW.

My initial thoughts on trying to process these as pseudo HDR images using a single image appeared to be a fools errand. However with the processing abilities of Lightroom and the HDR rending of Photomatix Pro the resulting images were much better than I every expected.
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Horsing Around

I enjoy the look of an High Dynamic Range Image, however creating a HDR image of a moving object can create issues that result in a ghosting effect requiring additional editing.

I had originally captured this late Fall image as multiple bracketed exposures.

However, after further review on a large screen, it was clear that the pony had moved it’s head several times and the larger horse also made slight movements which would result in more ghosting than desired.

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